Homeowner: Get Your House READY

While some individuals purchase their house, with a comprehensive future plan, and understanding of when they might be relocating, much more often, most, are far less certain, as to their future plans! Therefore, doesn’t it make sense, for someone to enjoy their home, to the maximum, and maintain it, on a consistent basis, in order to be able to enjoy it, and possess a high degree of pride in where they reside, rather than do, what many do, and do the equivalent of cramming for an exam, and neglecting ongoing activities, until they decide to sell it, and then addressing things, so future owners will be more willing to purchase the house? This article, will briefly address, using the mnemonic approach, some of the components, of being certain, your house is READY, on a consistent basis.

1. Roof: Not only from the perspective of selling, and/ or marketing your home, sometime in the future, but, rather to maximize enjoying it, while living there, maintaining all aspects of a roof, is an important consideration. Obviously, one should have the roof inspected, on a somewhat regular basis, by a roofing professional, known as a roofer. In addition, leaders and gutters must be cleaned, maintained, etc, to ensure they function properly and effectively! It is wise to periodically examine, and clean (power – wash) the roof, so it functions, as well as possible!

2. Energy: Carefully consider all issues related to the energy efficiency, including windows, doors, insulation, heating system, HVAC (ventilation and air conditioning), etc. Not only will it make your experience better and less costly, but will entice future buyers, to more greatly value your house!

3. Attention; aromas: All too often, we begin to ignore what is going on, related to the home, we live in, perhaps because we get used to it, or are limited by our personal comfort zone. Wise homeowners consistently pay attention to details, and identify, issues which need addressing, before they become problematic! Don’t ignore odors and/ or aromas, but, rather investigate the cause, and take care of them, regularly!

4. Deficiencies: Know what’s wrong with your home, and be willing to ask others, if they notice something, you fail to! Addressing deficiencies, in their early stages, is not only logical, but far less costly, in the longer – run, than waiting for minor issues to become major challenges/ obstacles!

5. Yes; you: Always say, yes, to the possibilities, rather than seeing problems. Transform obstacles and challenges, to solutions, and take personal responsibility! Assuring your home is everything you desire, is always up to you!

Will you make the commitment to persistently, consistently, pursuing the best way to manage and take care of your home, or will you be lazy, and/ or complacent? Get your house READY!