Benefits of Using a Property Inventory Company

When a landlord or a property agent has to juggle credit checks/guarantor, housing contracts, insurance, deposit contracts and more, it is not surprising that doing an inventory becomes a major headache. Unfortunately, improper property checks can lead to a world of problems, as there have been plenty of disputes in housing history, or can also bring the whole moving process to a standstill. Therefore, hiring a professional property inventory company can prove to be quite beneficial. What are the benefits? Let’s take a look below:

  • Time

A professional property inventory company will be able to assess the condition of the utility and the items of a property accurately, quickly, impartially and efficiently. This can help prevent a number of time sensitive disputes that may arrive between the involved parties. Opting for a professional for checking the property is a lot more efficient than relying on a busy landlord or agent.

  • Debts and bills

Landlords and tenants often get stuck with unnecessary bills to be paid at the start or end of a tenancy. Such discrepancies can be avoided when you opt for a professional inventory management company like Daley Inventories, because these will record all the meter readings of the property and send them to all involved parties within 24 hours.

  • Responsibility and culpability

There are also disputes of the wear and tear and damage that arises in a property during tenancies and a professional property inventory company can help avoid them. They double photograph as well as itemize everything and test the CO2 and smoke detectors. All key factors of the property are taken into account, including the condition and quality of an item at the start of the tenancy, along with the nature of occupants over time. In this way, all parties can be fairly treated and disputes can be avoided.

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