Property Management 101 – Property Management Support Staff Are Gold

We must be organised and I believe that an ideal day is the key to ensuring that I cover all tasks within audit guidelines.

Support staff, including reception and administration staff make a great difference to my day. By training these key staff in the basics, the Property Management Department can run more effectively and the stress and work load can be reduced.

Being the face of the business, a well-represented staff member and reception area ensure professional first impressions. The area should be clean, organised and magazines relevant and within date. No confidential information should be seen on the desk and paperwork should be neat and easy to turn over for privacy. Staff should be dressed in corporate attire or uniforms and should be neat and tidy.

Phone calls should be screened and introduced properly. A professional office have their reception staff ask the name of the caller, reference (is this the owner, tenant or a creditor), the property address and if there is any other information to pass on. When this information is given to the Property Manager, they can be prepared, have the system open with their details and quickly check notes before they pick up the call. It is a streamlined process for the Property Manager and the caller appreciates that they do not need to repeat themselves and can move on with their business.

The same approach works for walk-in clients. If the Property Manager has the information ready, they can be prepared when they meet the client in the meeting room. This is much more appealing and reinforces that we are organised and proficient in all dealings.

All paperwork prepared by support staff should be checked and there should be no grammar or spelling errors. While this seems obvious, it is something that slips through a lot. I also like to see that mail is folded evenly put into the envelope neatly and our envelopes and stationary are not crushed or dirty. Every little details is observed by our clients and we are on show at all times.

If the reception staff receipt payments, please ensure they know how to do this properly, any cheques and money orders are safely stored for banking and cash should not be received for their safety. Keys are also critical, there should be no identification of the property address and they should not be left or kept in the reception area.

Without the support of these staff, Property Managers cannot complete their roles professionally and we must remember that they are worth their weight in gold. Remember to thank them regularly and appreciate all that they do for us.