The Best Season To Sell Your Home and Why

The best time to sell your house is traditionally in the spring, when buyers are shaking off the drudgery of winter and awaking to see their city blossoming once again! Houses are enhanced by blooming trees, green grass, and kids running around outside enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Aesthetically speaking spring tends to be a time when houses look their best and neighborhoods are looking dapper. Trees have regained their leaves, lawns are being mowed, and flowers are blooming which leads to a more pleasing curbside picture. People are also more likely to repaint their houses in the spring or fix a leaky roof because of warmer weather, in addition to conducting other fixes around the property.

Spring is also a time in which people consider moving the most, because of the weather and other factors. With a new year comes tax returns and the financial confidence potential home buyers have is greater. Studies of real estate trends have shown that buyers are more likely to pay full price for a home for sale in the spring as opposed to other times of the year.

Trends have also shown that if you put your house on listings for sale on a Thursday buyers will jump at the chance to view your house on their most available days of the week- Saturday and Sunday. The longer your house stays on the market the less likely it is to sell for full price, but never lose hope! The housing market is volatile and there are no definite ways you can tell if your house will sell quickly or slowly, for full price or not.

However, you can facilitate some better ways in which your house could sell for a great price and quickly. Keep your eye on the market and create a listing for your home when the price to rent a similar property is greater than what it would cost to own a home. This opens up buying opportunities for renters and could be a potential first home buying opportunity for people who might not have been thinking of owning their own home until now.

People are also looking for a home in the spring so that in case they decide to move they aren’t doing so in the heat of the summer. Trying to wrangle your schedule around kids being out of school, planning vacations that inevitably end up being more expensive than you wanted, and continuing your own full time job leaves very little time for finding or moving into a new property.

While spring doesn’t necessarily mean you have more time to devote to a home search the season does lend itself to an increase in energy and forward-thinking for the rest of the year. Psychologically speaking spring rejuvenates the mind after a long winter (actual or perceived) and can provide a great opportunity for home sellers to put their property on the market and have a potential buyer snap it up quickly.