5 Ways Your Homebuilder Brand Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Ever heard of the law of unintended consequences? It means you didn’t want these consequences, but you didn’t even know about them until it was too late. That’s what can happen to you as a homebuilder with a lousy brand. It all goes to the bottom line. A strong brand can make the world of difference. Here are 5 ways a strong brand would make that difference:

#1: Clear Differentiation

There’s a lot of competition out there. And there’s a lot of marketing being done. So how do you stand out from all of that? You have 20+ other builders out there doing the same thing you are and building similar homes. What do you do? There are small differences, like providing an architect when the homeowner gets stuck. But who knows you can do that? They probably think you’re just another builder like all the rest.

One way to distinguish yourself is with a strong Value Proposition (or USP). Everyone has one that differentiates them from the rest. But who knows about it?

#2: Consistent Image

Your image in the market is the be-all, end-all of your existence, and your brand is how the market knows about it. That message needs to be on your website, on your signage, in your logo and tagline, and in all of your content marketing and social media. A good example we’re familiar with is a builder in Canada with a value proposition of totally customizing the owner’s home for his or her own personal needs. The company’s brand, therefore, “Custom. Making it Possible.”

#3: Your Company’s Promise

The image and value proposition is all about your promise to your customers. Using our Canadian neighbor as an example, his branding is his promise to deliver just what his customer needs. No, ifs, ands or buts about it.

That’s a strong statement. For a customer who is going to be spending a lot of money for a custom-built home, it’s a big deal that this builder makes a public statement that they will make this customer’s home the one of their dreams.

#4: Supports Your Reputation

A strong brand is how you build a strong reputation. You’re a lot better off building your own reputation, rather than letting the market do it for you, or to you. If you’ve ever experienced the wrath of a negative review, you know how hard it is to reverse those perceptions in the market. And with all of the potential online these days, unless you have a strong brand in place for your company, one negative comment can throw your entire company into a tailspin. But if your brand is strong and your reputation is solid, one single bad review would simply be a blip on the radar screen.

#5: A Mantra for Your Staff

Your brand is not only an important factor in the market, it’s equally important with your employees and vendors. It’s much easier for your staff to approach their jobs with a strong positive attitude if they know the strength of the company’s image is a good one. And those subs and vendors will want to work for a well-liked and well-respected company.

Building your brand takes a consistent effort and a well-planned marketing strategy. Don’t wait until your market decides for you.