Why Custom Homes Are A Better Choice

It’s true that both types of home offer amazing options, but with new home building one can pick every element and still stay within budget. Things like custom copper hoods in the kitchen or outdoors, crown molding, fixtures and more can all make a house a home that speaks of the owners’ true personality. Further, a builder will allow the client to choose how many things they want to, and they can leave the rest to them making it a bit easier.

With custom homes, it is totally up to the future owner how much input they have during construction, many don’t realize this. Learn more of what goes into building a custom home.

Production Builders

A production builder is the type that is responsible for building many homes all at the same time. They typically offer some home templates for the buyer to choose from. The custom part is realized when it comes time to choose appliances, such as custom copper hoods; cabinets, counter tops, flooring and other similar elements. This means that the home, although a template to begin with ends up becoming a completely one-of-a-kind structure.

Custom Builders

When a homebuyer chooses to go with a custom builder, the difference is that they will choose everything including the style of the home, layout and all the details. There are no templates, and there are many bonuses to include:

  • Choice of land that’s not already owned by the builder
  • A floorplan drawn from scratch
  • The opportunity to be more involved in the entire process
  • Access to the architect and the builder for making plans
  • No defined choices or menus for more flexibility

This huge variety of styles and prices is a huge draw for many. Custom items such as a custom copper hood in the kitchen can be a masterpiece, bringing plenty of attention to the space. This is just one example that will be the same throughout the home. To break it down, the homeowner can choose who to work with to build a custom copper hood, and choose every element of the piece from bolts and straps to finish and design. A custom copper hood can also be matched to a copper sink, or fixtures.

Basically every element of every room can be designed or hand-picked by the owners. Unlimited choices are very appealing to most! The only restrictions one may have are their set budget and permits such as zoning restraints.

Anyone that finds this type of creativity in home building exciting this is definitely the route for them. They get to be the boss and choose all the house’s detailing while working closely with the architect and building team. They can choose green living options to include Energy Star items in order to possibly make some money back on tax rebates, and saving on utilities. This is great not only for their wallet, but also for the environment.

The most important thing during the process is to set a budget and stick to it! It can be very easy to overspend when building a custom home. One will find there are things they can save money on, and things they can splurge on. Regardless, the end result will be a custom home that is exciting and definitely reflect the homeowner’s personal style.