Why Real Estate Agents Need ETHICS?

Although, there are many thousands of real estate agents, in the United States, and in most communities, only a very small percentage, of these, are responsible, for the vast majority of the transactions. However, it’s important to understand, there is far more, to quality real estate representation, than merely, buying and/ or, selling houses. What must differentiate, a quality agent, from the rest – of – the – pack, is, the degree, he respects the essential, core ingredients, predominantly, proceeding with the utmost degree of integrity, and genuine ETHICS! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents.

1. Empathy; emphasis; excellence; endurance; energy: Before begin to represent any client, an ethical agent, must have a thorough discussion, and effectively listen, far more than he speaks, and commit to learning, from every conversation and experience! Doing so, means, proceeding with the utmost degree of genuine empathy, and placing his emphasis, on his client’s needs, goals, and priorities. One must demand his highest dedication, to personal excellence, rather than settling, for, good – enough! Since the transaction period, often has, many, ups – and – downs, a great agent possesses the endurance, to continue maintaining his ethical behavior, rather than taking, some path, of least resistance! In this way, his energy, will become inspiring and motivating, to all, who cross his path!

2. Timely; trustworthy: Simply because of the limitations, many of us, place on ourselves, by refusing to expand the limitations of our self – imposed, comfort zone, many procrastinate, when it essential to proceed, with well – considered, timely action! Regardless of the challenges, an ethical individual, will always, be trustworthy, and earn the trust, of his clients!

3. Head/ heart; healing: How one, balances, his emotional and logical components, in a head/ heart balance, is essential, to ethical behavior! An agent must be able to be healing, to his clients, when there are the inevitable obstacles, etc.

4. Integrity; imagination; innovative; ideas: One must never abandon his devotion to the utmost, genuine integrity, even when doing so, might be easier! He must proceed, with a well – developed, imagination, in order to be innovative, and introduce ideas, which best serve, his clients, every day, in every way!

5. Character; creative; clever: The basis of one’s ethics, is maintaining a consistent, high quality character, at all times! This must be combined with the creative ability, to introduce clever solutions, while others, pursue, merely, the same – old, same – old!

6. Solution; service; system: If you hope to provide the best service, you must communicate your system, which best addresses the specific client’s needs, and concerns/ priorities! Ethical agents become the solution, while others often, are the problem!

If you hope to be, the finest agent, focus on ETHICS! Are you, ready, willing, and able, to be, up to, the task?