Who Does Your Real Estate Agent, Serve?

Searching for, and selecting, the right, real estate agent, for you, and your specific needs, goals, priorities, and circumstances, is worth your effort! After all, for most of us, our house represents, our single – biggest, financial asset, and, therefore, doesn’t it make sense, to act wisely? Whether, you are an existing homeowner, who wants to sell his house, or a potential, qualified buyer, who, you choose, to represent you, is generally, relevant, significant, and necessary! Therefore, after more than a decade, as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have become convinced, it is wise, to take the time, at the start of the process, to properly identify, who’s best for you, in order to make the entire process, easier, less stressful, and successful. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, review, examine, and discuss, a few of the relevant considerations, you should make.

1. Interview potential agents: Too many individuals, take the process, too lightly! Before beginning, know what you want, and what you need, and create a list of priorities, ranking items, from most important, to merely, a wish – list! Begin with speaking to neighbors, and asking for their recommendations. However, although a particular agent, might have been great, for someone else, he might not, be so, for you! Do you need, a pushy, proactive agent, to light a fire, under you, or do, you prefer, a quality listener? How will you evaluate an agent’s abilities, such as in the area of negotiating? Some sellers focus on the commission, a particular agent, requests, but, rather than making that, your highest priority, closely examine, how well someone, justifies, his request, because if he can’t successfully, negotiate, on his own behalf, how will he do so, on yours? Take these interviews seriously, and discover, someone, who listens, more tha he speaks, and avoids, a, one – size – fits – all, approach!

2. Whose interests are served? It may be challenging, to identify, whose interests, someone prioritizes, and serves. Seek someone, who demonstrates, he will put your interests, ahead of making his commission!

3. Earning trust, and maintaining ethics, integrity, and fiduciary loyalty: Your agent must earn your trust, not by his rhetoric and promises, but by his attitude, and actions! Agents must maintain the highest professional ethics, respect your needs, maintain fiduciary loyalty, and realize, he must put his clients best – interests, ahead of their own!

When one finds the real estate agent, he needs, and deserves, his buying or selling experience, becomes, far less stressful, and much more pleasant! Protect your biggest financial asset, by choosing wisely!