Making Your Choice Of A Real Estate Agent

In most areas of this country, qualified, potential home buyers, as well as those, hoping to sell their house, have many options, in terms, of the best way, to proceed. While some sellers attempt to For Sale, By Owner (FSBO), approach, nearly every study, indicates, not only, is this an emotionally draining, time – consuming way, but, in most instances, the selling price, is lower, than when one, takes advantage of using a real estate agent. Buyers have the choice, in most areas, of either using a Buyer Broker, or Seller Agent. How a homeowner chooses, the best agent, to hire, often, makes a world of difference! With that in mind, this article will briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss, a way, to consider, the best way, to make this determination.

1. Buying A Home: The real estate transaction period, is often, stressful, and tense! Hiring the right agent, for you, often, reduces this angst, and anxiety, and helps ease the transaction. Generally, I recommend, qualified buyers, opt for a Buyer Representative, rather than a Sellers Agent, because, doesn’t it make sense, to hire someone, who works for you, rather than the homeowner? In the vast number of circumstances, the commission is derived from the transaction, so it is included, as a part of the price, and costs nothing more. In addition, if you hire the right person, he can create a competitive, comparison, so you understand, a range of values, in the area, you seek, and price range, you are comfortable with. Seek someone, who will offer a few recommendations, of specific professionals, for your home ownership needs, based on their knowledge, and experience. You should be provided with at least 3 options/ choices, for each category, and your real estate professional, should be ready, willing and able, to hold your hands, throughout the process.

2. Selling Your House: We develop an emotional connection, with our homes, and this often, works against our self – interests, by incorrectly, pricing, and marketing our houses. The right representative, for you, who, is someone, who will listen to you closely, understand your needs, answer your questions thoroughly, and to your satisfaction, and explain, how he will proceed, and mutual responsibilities, and teamwork. He should, objectively, look at your home, and identify strengths and weaknesses, providing a plan, to take advantage of its strengths, while addressing areas of weakness. You should price your property, based on a professionally prepared, realistic, objective, Competitive Market Analysis (CMA), so you price your house, right, from the start!

The real estate transaction period, does not have to, be stressful, if you hire the right professional, for you. Since, for most of us, our house represents our single, biggest, financial asset, doesn’t this approach, make sense?