INTEGRITY: What It Means To Be A Real Estate Professional

Both, the real estate law, of many states, as well as the Realtor’s Code of Ethics, state, clearly, many of the basic responsibilities, and ethics, required, in being a Licensed Salesperson, etc. Most of these might, best, be summarized, by the need, for absolute INTEGRITY, and the focus on serving and representing the best interests of one’s clients and customers, in each, and every aspect. With that in mind, this article will attempt, to briefly, review, consider, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and why it’s so essential.

1. Intentions; imagination; insights: Quality agents must have pure, client – oriented, intentions, focused on achieving the best possible results, and maintaining, the faith and needs, of those one represents. Often, the difference, between quality representation, and the rest – of – the – pack, is the level of an agent’s imagination, and whether, he is ready, willing and able, to effectively articulate his insights, in a compelling manner, to his client, so they proceed, in the best possible manner!

2. Needs; nuances; numbers: An agent should understand the numbers, so as to explain, the relevant value, and which battles, to fight, and which to ignore! Every individual case, differs, because each person has specific needs, requirements, etc. Because of that, one must use the best, most appropriate nuances, in order to achieve the best results.

3. Trends; timely: Market conditions change, and, local areas, necessitate understanding, and using the appropriate trends, in a focused, clear – cut manner! There are often times, when being timely is essential, plus, responsible agents, discuss with their homeowner – clients, the concept of, the opportunity costs of money!

4. Enlighten; enrich; excellence; expertise: The better one enlightens his client, the more he enriches their real estate transaction, experience! When one focuses on providing quality and excellence, and uses his expertise, for the best interests of the one, he represents, the more responsible and responsible, the agent!

5. Goals: Seek representation from someone who takes the time, to discuss things thoroughly, with you, so, as to understanding your goals and priorities, and, then, proceeds accordingly!

6. Relevant; reliable; responsibility: An agent must maintain his client’s confidence, and the utmost dedication, to respecting their fiscal responsibility, and fiduciary confidence! When this is done, the performance becomes reliable and relevant!

7. Impacts; ideas: When one considers the impacts and ramifications of his marketing plans, pricing, and focus, and accompanies that, with the finest ideas, to make a difference, for the better, he proceeds, to become the finest possible agent!

8. Teach; tell truth: Committing to tell the truth, consistently, and focusing on teaching clients, the best way to proceed, etc, is essential to excellent real estate representation!

9. You; yes: When the agent and client, decide to work together, in meaningful teamwork, each knows their responsibility, and what’s up, to you! The goal should be getting a meeting of the minds, and agreement, by parties, to say, yes!

Are you willing to take, to heart, the essential components, of real estate INTEGRITY? Wouldn’t all parties, be better, served, if this was the approach?