How CIOPEA Impacts The Real Estate Market

After more than a decade, spent, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have come to realize, the challenges, intricacies, and many factors, which have a demonstrable, impact, on what, we refer to, as the real estate market. There are a number of factors, and considerations, which, often, determine, whether it is a buyers, sellers, or neutral, housing market. I have broken these up, into, an easy – to – remember, mnemonic, which I refer to as CIOPEA. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider and review, what this represents, and why, it’s significant, and focused.

1. Competition: The most reliable way, to determine, objectively, the best way, to price, a home, for sale, is to keenly, look at the competition, and use a professionally designed, Competitive Market Analysis, commonly referred to, as a CMA. This helps us differentiate between a buyers, versus, sellers market, based, not only on the housing inventory, but, on the market, for homes, in a similar price range, with similar figures, in your local area!

2. Interest rates: Pay attention to overall interest rates, and public policy, especially, as it relates to the Federal Reserve. When these rates go up, mortgage rates, follow suit. Because most buyers, use financing, as a major component/ factor, in purchasing their house, when these rates go up, the monthly costs/ carrying charges, increase. Potential buyers face additional challenges, when it relates to increasing monthly costs, both, in terms of their ability to repay, and feel comfortable, as well as qualify for the loan.

3. Overall economic condition/ outlook: When public confidence is high, in the overall economy, more qualified buyers, seek to purchase homes. When there are more buyers than sellers, it’s a buyers market, and, when more homes, are listed in the market, and fewer potential buyers, it becomes a buyers market.

4. Perceptions: Quality real estate professionals address, and seek to balance, and control, the perceptions of homeowners, as well as buyers! When people perceive things, as they are, in a somewhat accurate way, their expectations, become far more realistic.

5. Expectations: When one represents a buyer, he must explain the market, and competition, so there are realistic expectations, from the onset! When a seller has a realistic focus, he avoids the tendency of over – expecting, and thus, pricing too high, and being inflexible!

6. Anticipation: While hiring the best, real estate agent, for you, is essential, and important, on many levels, perhaps, the experience and advice provided, so you are prepared for the challenges and possible stresses, of the process, are the most essential services, provided!

When you consider, and understand the CIOPEA, of real estate, in terms of buying, and selling, the process, becomes a far simpler one. Will you be up to the task?