Buying Or Selling A Home? Are You Hiring An Agent, Broker, Or Both?

Since, for the vast majority of people, their house, represents their single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, to carefully consider, determine, and decide, which real estate agent, will best serve your needs, concerns, and situation, and focus on you, rather than merely representing you? It’s important to recognize, whether buying or selling, you will be hiring, an agent, and his brokerage company. Will you prioritize, the specific agent, the broker, or some combination of both? Remember, the decision you make, and choice, you opt for, often, makes a considerable amount of difference!

1. Agent: Whether you are a qualified, potential home buyer, or selling your house, it’s important, to hire, the agent, who will best serve your specific needs, and circumstances. In order to do so, speak to others, and listen to their recommendations. However, understand, while a recommendation, is important to consider, each situation is somewhat different, and, therefore, consider the assets, attitude, aptitude, overall skills and abilities, and negotiating strengths (and weaknesses), of each individual. Have a thorough interview, before hiring anyone, and be certain, you are on the same – page! Don’t be fooled by empty promises, and, if you are selling, realize, the recommended listing price, you be based on a professionally designed and prepared, Competitive Market Analysis, or CMA. Far too often, homeowners hire someone, who recommends the highest listing pricing, falsely equating that, to the eventual selling price. In addition, your agent should be willing to tell you what you need to know, rather than merely, what you might want to hear! The reality is, when a house is priced, right, from the start, the potential to sell it, at the best possible price, in the shortest period of time, with the least amount of hassle and aggravation, is enhanced, significantly! Similarly, qualified buyers need an agent, who is ready, and willing to represent them, as a Buyers Agent!

2. Broker: Since every circumstance is different, and every brokerage company, claims it is the best, how can a potential buyer or seller, determine, who is best for them? Every company has certain strengths, as well as weaknesses, and you owe it, to, yourself, to fully consider and evaluate these. Consider benefits, rather than merely services, provided!

3. Both: The best approach is to consider every relevant factor, and opt for the best combination, for you! Quality representation means, serving the best – interests of the client, and, this means, focusing on service, rather than their self – interest. When you consider all factors, you will be best served!

Whether buying or selling, remember, you’re hiring, both, an agent, as well as his broker. Determine what is in your best interests, what will be done (rather than promised), measure the agent’s dedication to absolute integrity, and negotiating expertise, and proceed, in a way, which best serves you!