5 Keys To Effective Real Estate Agent Marketing

Most homeowners and potential home buyers, benefit, when they are represented by a quality, professional, real estate agent! While there are many aspects, and components, of becoming a quality agent, one of the most meaningful factors, is related to marketing. This goes, well – beyond, the obvious, simplistic factors, but, rather, refers to a combination of how, one markets himself, his system, how organized and prepared for contingencies, etc, one’s follow – up, and finally, if he can consistently, close the deal. With that in mind, this article will attempt to review, consider, and discuss, 5 keys to effective real estate marketing.

1. Marketing self: Why should anyone be attracted to you, when there are so many other possibilities? What personal strengths, assets, abilities, etc, do you possess, which might attract others, to you? How will you articulate your message, and clearly demonstrate, you should be seriously considered? Do you know your strengths, and weaknesses, and will you effectively use, your strengths, while productively, addressing areas of weakness? What is your elevator speech, and is it compelling? Will you use all available modalities, and media, to get your message, through, and across?

2. Marketing system, for particular property: Will you proceed, with a, one – size – fits – all, approach, or will you listen effectively, observe objectively, and articulate the best possible, marketing plan, for a particular property? How will your system, be unique, meaningful, and relevant, and stand – out, from the rest of the pack?

3. Track marketing efforts: Effective marketing does not mean, randomly, throwing good – money, after – bad! Rather, effective agents track each, and every marketing effort, to see, which ones, are most effective, and whether the focus should be emphasized, somewhat differently!

4. Follow – up: Quality techniques necessitate consistent, follow – up, in order to optimize the possibilities, and achieve the optimal results! How long will it take for a particular agent, to respond to, and answer, any inquiry? When a potential buyer views a particular property, will you be proactive, and discover, if there might be any interest, or if there’s anything, possible, to improve the results, etc?

5. Close the deal: Even the greatest performance, in terms of these first, four steps, will have less than the most desirable results, until/ unless, an agent proceeds forward, and tries to close the deal. This begins with effectively listening, using some, trial – closes, and then, asking the potential buyer, if they’re prepared to take action, in an inspirational way.

There are many real estate agents, but far fewer, which will consistently offer, the most effective representation. Will you proceed, to develop your skills, to be the best, you might possibly be?